Chris Carmen  /   September 29, 2016

You’ve concluded that an office relocation is imperative.  For any number of reasons, you’ve made the decision to move. Maybe you were in your old space and believe an image makeover is needed to attract new talent. Or maybe you want to be located in a more urban area as a means to attract your company’s target demographic employee. Either way, you want to move. So, now what?

The first thing on your list should be educating yourself on the topic. Although an office relocation is an exciting endeavor, it can cause a major disruption to the business if not handled correctly. There are many steps to the process, which can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive. In order to effectively relocate a business, it is absolutely essential to plan ahead and understand the timeline of the process.

On average, an office relocation takes 8-9 months. That may come as a surprise, which is why the earlier the better for planning. CARMEN Commercial Real Estate provides detailed insight into the moving process through the Lease Relocation Timeline Infographic. Each step of the relocation process is highlighted, along with the average amount of time required to fulfill it.

Educate yourself on the necessary steps to relocate a business, including:

  • Duration of each step associated with relocating
  • Details concerning property tours, proposals, and construction
  • Understanding of relocation process

Download the CARMEN Relocation Timeline below.

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