Welcome to Back in the Office

Chris and Nick Carmen from Carmen Commercial Real Estate sit down with professionals from every type of industry. Join their conversations as they talk about what ‘getting back to normal’ actually means for businesses. And what are the next steps to getting Back in the Office.

The Premier of “Back in the Office”

Episode 0

Introducing the CARMEN Commercial Real Estate podcast “Back in the Office”! In this inaugural episode, founder Chris Carmen and co-host Nick Carmen explain what their firm does — and doesn’t do — to help businesses find commercial office space and negotiate lease terms as a tenant representative. Each additional episode, they will host interesting clients and business leaders about their journeys in business and life, and other topics meaningful to their guests. But wait…these are no ordinary podcasts! You’ll be sure to enjoy the stories they share about everything from Broadway productions to cars to fraternities. And maybe just a little about commercial real estate.

Bringing Broadway to the Midwest

Episode 1

While they may have met while finding office space for his wife’s Carmel, Indiana based medical information company, Will Wood and Chris Carmen found they had a love of the arts in common. One day, on the back of a napkin, they formulated how to bring a taste of Broadway to the Indianapolis and Carmel area — and how to help other struggling theatre companies have a venue to share their art.

Koola Logistics Takes Root in Carmel

Episode 3

Steve Poliska decided to move from Southern California to Indiana to start his logistic business. He found Central Indiana was not only the best place to recruit team members due to the affordability of the region, but all the amenities that Carmel has to offer from being walkable and bikeable to actually knowing your neighbors. In this episode, Steve explains his business Koola Logistics, their 4 Core Values of Faith, Family, Fitness and Freight, supply chain disruptions and what the future holds for them.

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