Timing is critical to executing a move or renewing your lease.

An office relocation can be a complicated process with many unfamiliar tasks to those charged with the responsibility to coordinate a facility relocation. However, when adequately planned, an office move can be done with a minimum of interruptions to a business. Office relocation is not as simple as “plan today and move tomorrow.”

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    Don’t Get Pressured

    The time to renew creeps up fast. Don’t allow yourself to fall into a situation where you’re so pressed for time that you make “good enough” decisions in haste. We’ll help you determine when to start the process (it’s likely much earlier than you think).

    Track Your Progress

    Every office move has unique characteristics, but there are key milestones that must take place to prevent a disruption when you move offices. Some tasks even overlap. Learn how long each step should take and in what order.

    Tours, Proposals, & Construction

    There’s a lot more than just finding a space in a good location. When you understand the relocation process, you know how to ensure you’re getting the best deal on the terms of your new lease. Use this timeline to set yourself up for success.

    Connect With A Tenant Advisor

    Discover what office solution makes sense for your growing business.