Chris Carmen  /   February 1, 2018

You are driving around or browsing online and you see it:  The office building that looks perfect for your company.  But you don’t know anything about it.  Is it an available office space? What is the cost? You have lots of questions.  What is your next step?

If you are an owner your first instinct is probably to ask someone on your team to look into the details of the space. Or maybe you even try to get to the details on your own with some phone calls or web searches.  But honestly, you don’t have time to run around getting answers.  And your staff, well they have a host of other tasks that are being neglected if they are hunting down property details.  It’s not what you hired them to do, but it IS what you should hire us to do!

Your best bet is to reach out to a tenant rep.  A tenant rep is someone who will not only find all the details for you but even details you didn’t know to ask about.  At best, business leaders think about or review commercial real estate options and leases once every three years.  But a tenant rep works with commercial leasing process literally every single day.  So call an expert.  Don’t take valuable time away from you and your team.  You guys do what you do best, grow your business.  We’ll take care of finding a great place for you to grow in.

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