Endangered Species Chocolate, a mission-driven company making premium crafted chocolate. The Indianapolis based company is unique in that 10% of its net profits are donated annually to the world’s most well know conservationist; each guaranteed a minimum annual donation of $10,000 and is free to use the funds on projects they deem most important. With over $1.3 million generated in the past three years alone, each chocolate purchase adds up to big support that helps wildlife thrive.  Endangered Species Chocolate has set an amazing goal of giving back $1M annually to its partners.

In the video above, see Endangered Species Chocolate’s CEO, Kurt Vander Meer talk about this remarkable company and its extraordinary mission to improve our natural environment.

Since 2005, the company has experienced strong and consistent growth. From operating just one production line, the company now operates three production lines and has expanded its warehousing and logistics to a new state of the art distribution facility located on Indianapolis’ northwest side.  The expansion of Endangered Species to produce and distribute its product will help the company to meet its goal of giving $1M annually.

“It’s been an honor to work with Endangered Species, an organization with a vision that positively impacts so many aspects of our world…from the cocoa farmers of West Africa to the most threatened of our world’s species…Elephants, Tigers to rainforests” said Chris Carmen, President of CARMEN Commercial Real Estate.  He added, “It has been very special to me personally, because where in our day-to-day lives, can one have such a small but important altruistic impact on our natural environment.”

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